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Engineering Services

Load flow studies, harmonic studies, network design, protection schemes design, control systems design, MV & HV breaker maintenance & testing and protection relay testing.

Professional Services

  • Master planning, project specific planning and design, project management and implementation of power system infrastructure normally associated with major distribution, township and rural reticulation / electrification networks, i.e. substations, overhead lines, electrification refurbishment and cabled networks.

  • Design of HVAC systems.

  • Design of small power & lighting systems.

  • Design of PV (Solar) systems.

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An integral part of system planning is the ability to accurately model the existing and future network configurations and load characteristics to enable effective network analysis. This includes the modelling of various items of plant, line parameters and load types using DigSilent™ software.

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Detailed network analysis using modern load flow software (DigSilent™) and voltage drop (ReticMaster™) models enables us to produce quality results, which includes the following:

  • Load flow analysis

  • Fault level calculations

  • Voltage stability analysis

  • Transient switching studies

  • Optimal placing of compensation devices

  • Losses optimisation

  • Quality of supply analysis

  • Unbalanced network loading

  • Statistical modelling of LV systems

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